About Thinkerbit

Thinkerbit is a place where I think about technology, design, and the little details that matter.

It's powered by Kirby and hosted by DigitalOcean. It used to be powered by WordPress and hosted by Bluehost back when I was even more naive. Don't use Bluehost.

The design of this site and everything that's in it was created by me. The frontend-related code that makes it work is 40% me, 30% Kirby's forum and Stack Overflow, and 30% Bastian Allgeier (Kirby's creator). I'm still learning.

Here's a graveyard of this site's previous WordPress-based designs: v2 v3 v4

About Me

I really like making things that help people.

When I was super young I dreamed of becoming an inventor like Stu Pickles from Rugrats and helping people with my inventions. I would look at things around me and think about how they could be combined to make life better. My bluetooth walker idea is a perfect example of what I was like back then, and an early indicator of where I would eventually go.

In high school I worked with a great team to create assistive technology devices that help people in the workplace. Eventually we formed a small company, but it fizzled out as we all left for college.

At Tufts (where I am now) my combined interest in technology, engineering and the liberal arts eventually led me to become a Human Factors major, where mediating the interaction between technology and people is a big part of the job. During my sophomore year I helped start a product design club called Tufts MAKE and have been working ever since to get a makerspace program up and running on campus. I'm currently a graduate student at Tufts continuing to study Human Factors.