Welcome to Thinkertry

August 14, 2011

Hello and welcome to Thinkertry! This is officially the first post of this brand new site, so I think an introduction would be appropriate.

About Me

In my younger days I considered myself to be a "hardcore" gamer. You know; a goomba-stomping, coin-collecting, Triforce-assembling Nintendo fanboy who knew all the right codes and techniques. I would wake up every morning and check IGN and Joystiq for game-related news before going to school, and I loved it. The flashy E3 keynotes, the midnight console releases, the car rides to Gamestop; it was a fun (and expensive) hobby that I really enjoyed, and still do.

At some point I wandered from Joystiq to their sister-site Engadget and added them to my morning-reading as well. I think it was around the time that the iPod Touch combined with the App Store was touted as being a Nintendo DS competitor. "Ha!" I thought to myself, "I better start following this."

And that's when I became interested in consumer technology.

A good friend of mine and I began discussing Apple and tech-related stuff in school, and to make sure I didn't sound clueless I began learning and reading at a rapid pace. It was motivation, and it worked. E3 and IGN slowly became WWDC and Engadget, and eventually I felt knowledgeable enough to start thinking my own thoughts about the tech industry.

After discussing ideas with my friends for a while, I decided that I needed some sort of outlet; a place where I could present and analyze the components or circuitry behind a thought. A place like, well, Thinkertry. And hey, look at that beautiful logo above, that's where we are!

About Thinkertry

Circuitry is defined by the good people at Webster to be either the components, detailed plan or arrangement of an electric circuit. Just replace the electric circuit part with "thought" and you'll get the cool new word I made up:

Thinkertry - the components, detailed plan or arrangement of a thought.

Thinkertry isn't a news feed. You won't find every breaking news item in the fields of technology, science or sports (especially not sports) here. Instead you'll (hopefully) find honest and thoughtful commentary/analysis on the things going on that I find interesting.

In other words... this is a blog. Yup, a blog. But keep in mind; it's a very thoughtful and good-looking blog.

You'll see posts about Apple stuff, Microsoft stuff, Google stuff, College stuff, Gaming stuff, Random stuff and definitely a lot of Other stuff on Thinkertry, but my biggest hope is that what is written here on Thinkertry will foster thoughtful, enjoyable, and witty (I like witty) dialog either in the comments or between you and your friends. Or both, that's twice as good.