Firewatch: One Month Later →


Cabel Sasser:

So the day after Firewatch ships, Steve and I fly down to San Francisco and head to Thee Parkside, a tiny little dive bar that shares a wall with Campo’s office. We drink and joke and eat a lot of corn dogs and I profusely thank everyone on the team, one by one, probably a little bit too emotionally (but I really meant it!), thanking them for their sacrifices, their creativity, their hard work, their brilliance. Sean Vanaman and Jake Rodkin of Campo get up and give a real nice speech, which is never easy, to everyone in the room doing the same, and it’s lovely. All of us find ourselves in the same weird afterglow of actually having done it, something I think feels weird and almost hilarious to all of us. How did this happen? What are the odds? We made this thing. So I give Sean a hug, and he leans in and says “let’s do this again.” That’s how Firewatch really ends.

This post feels like the written equivalent of Matt Damon and Ben Affleck's Oscar acceptance speech. Surprise, excitement, thankfulness, and emotion. Very well-deserved.

This video by Lazy Game Reviews of the in-game photos you can develop is also great. The team at Campo really put themselves into every detail, and I'm really glad to hear that they're continuing.