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Paul Thurrott on the latest Samsung Galasy S II ads:

I'm not sure what it is about the smug, insular nature of Apple's biggest fanatics that makes it so easy--and so right--to make fun of them. Well, actually, maybe I am sure. And these days, no one is doing it better than Samsung.... I only wish Microsoft had the guts to make ads this good. Talk about hitting them where it hurts (i.e. with the truth).

I never really liked the "Get a Mac" ads, the "If you don't have an iPhone" ads, or these latest Galaxy Nexus II ads: it's mudslinging, and it feels dirty.

Ads like these remind me of election campaign commercials: you don't feel so great after watching them and you have the feeling that everybody is lying to you. I'd much rather see inspirational ads like the recent ones for the iPad or Kinect that make you love technology than ones like these that try to fill you with bile and vitriol against other great pieces of tech.

The "truth" here is that the smartphone market is full of really healthy competition right now: and that's a great thing for everybody no matter what platform you use. The iPhone should get app demos, Windows Phone should have more apps, and Android should be simpler to use. I'd like to see all of those things happen, and chances are that they will if people want them enough. Nobody is a lemming for liking what they like.