Nintendo Labo announced →

  1. This entire thing looks incredibly cool, creative, and fun. The launch video, software, and "Toy-Cons" themselves are packed with delightful little details and Nintendo's classic polish.
  2. Making these "Toy-Cons" out of cardboard is a welcome change from the one-off plastic doodads of the Wii era. Eventually kids will move on from these toys, at which point they can be easily recycled. Hopefully the Toy-Cons will eventually be purchasable separately.
  3. $70 for the 5-project Variety Pack seems a little pricey, but so are most Switch-related things right now. I imagine there will be a price drop later this year.
  4. I love that the "Discover" phase of each project demonstrates how the toy works; potentially getting kids to think more about digital technologies and inventing toys of their own.
  5. It looks like Shigeru Miyamoto's Project Giant Robot has found a home.