Project Glass →

By now you've probably seen Google's Project Glass video. If you have, check out these two great parodies as well. Fun stuff.

After this came out John Gruber took the opportunity to re-iterate what his thoughts are on "the type of companies that publish future concept videos":

The designs in these concept videos are free from real-world constraints — technical, logical, fiscal. Dealing with constraints is what real design is all about. Institutional attention on the present day — on getting innovative industry-leading products out the door and creating consumer demand for them — requires relentless company-wide focus.

He's right, but that doesn't mean the video is worthless. I'll re-iterate my thought as well:

Will Project Glass be made into a consumer product? Probably not. Did this video make at least one 7th grader browsing Engadget after school while drinking OJ think to himself, "Oh man, now that is cool!"? I'd bet yes, and there's nothing wrong with sparking a few new thoughts here and there. We need more people who aren't afraid to think like this, and that's why I enjoy watching these types of videos no matter who makes them.

Dreaming of the future requires that you shake free the confines of today's reality. Don't be afraid to think aloud because you're worried that somebody will tell you "it'll never work": they're not from the future you're dreaming of.