Steve Jobs at NeXT →

The first behind-the-scenes video I've ever seen of Steve Jobs working with/leading his employees. There's a lot of good stuff in here, it's a very rare peek at Steve's leadership style.

My favorite quote from the video:

"One of the things that made Apple great was that in the early days it was built from the heart... One of my largest wishes is that we build NeXT from the heart, and the people that are thinking about coming to work for us or buying our products or want to sell us things feel that, that we're doing this because we have a passion about it, we're doing this because we really care about the higher educational process, not because we want to make a buck..."

If I were to work at a company, I would much rather work for a CEO who, as the narrator in the video describes, has a need, "to feel that he is contributing to history" than one with an insatiable thirst for a bigger paycheck. Money makes things blurry, and as the "keeper and re-iterator of the vision," a CEO should be the last person whose vision becomes muddled by it.